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Re: [bluetooth-dev] [OT]: Security Modes 1, 2 and 3

At 10:19 00/07/03 +0100, WALSH, Scott wrote:
>Mode 1 is self explanatory I think, but I am not clear on the difference
>between Mode 2 and 3. 

To be brief, in mode 2, security procedure is taken for each service in the 
remote device, while in mode 3, it is done for each remote device.

For example, there may be a case that bussiness card exchange does not need 
to pass a security check, while synchronization does. 
In this case security check for each service(mode 2) is useful.

>In the product I am thinking of, it would never initiate any security check
>(with link-key) 

It seems that your device is in mode 1.

>but if the device it is connecting to requests authentication and/or encrpytion 
>it would accept that request.

At least your device has to respond authentication challenge in any 
security mode.

I hope this could be your answer.