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RE: [bluetooth-dev] Bug in Sdp.c?

At 12:35 00/06/30 +0200, Mats Frid駭 wrote:
>We appreciate all feedback on the code, especially on the sdp which today is 
>more of a static function with a lot of hardcoded values.

>And finally, we are interested in all help with improving the sdp.

It seems to me that there are many thing to do:-)

Seeing the code, I have some opinions:

SDP request PDU and respond PDU is one pair and it should be like:

typedef struct SdpPduPair {
	struct SdpPduPair  *pNextPduPair;  // points to next pair of cont. state portion
	SdpPdu_t           *pSdpReqPdu;
	SdpPdu_t           *pSdpRspPdu;

SDP client and SDP server should be divided to avoid confusion.