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SV: [bluetooth-dev] Axis stack and the bluetooth application tool

> I also have this kit (3 of them) and am trying to set it up.  A couple of
> issues:
> 1. How are you supplying the power to it?  
Unfortunately I'm still without and boards of my own, but there are pins for that, 
the documentation should provide pin numbers. If not, someone at Comtec has 
really missed out on some _very_ fundamental spec details.. ;)

> 2. After looking through the axis stack code, I did not see the reset command
> sent at any time.  Sigma docs say it must be the first command received. Any
> ideas?
well, since it is an ericsson module, you _should_ be fine with the axis stack as it
is. the reset command is more of an recomendation (if you come right from power
on),  but if you've been fiddling with the module it's always nice to issue reset to 
be certain that all is ok.