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RE: [bluetooth-dev] Some questions about axis's bluetooth linux driver

> 1.Can I connect two PCs with a null modem serial cable and 
> then let one pc as the 
> bluetooth server and the other as bluetooth client? And then 
> what can I do ?

Yes. You can develop any application you want to run on a BT enabled linux system. From HCI and upwards everything looks as if it is running live BT.

> 2.I wondoer the purpose of axis to open it's linux bluetooth 
> driver source code is just 
> for us to test it or study how it works.

We want BT to be ready on Linux when hardware is available in volume. One of the best ways to do this is by open source. More eyes looking at the code gives  fewer bugs and thus higher quality. We also get the benefit of more people interop testing the stack together with other systems.

> 3.Without the bluetooth hardware such as Ericsson's module 
> ,what can we do with the 
> axis's bluetooth driver?

See 1.

best regards,
Jonas Dellenvall
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AXIS Communications AB
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