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RE: [bluetooth-dev] Connection problems

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> From: Joakim Ceder [mailto:d96joce@xxxxxxx.se]
> Sent: Friday, July 14, 2000 12:04 PM
> To: bluetooth-dev@xxxxxxx.com
> Subject: [bluetooth-dev] Connection problems
> Hi
> We are trying to set up a connection between two ericsson modules, but
> some problems have occured. Which firmware in the ericcson 
> baseband has
> the stack been tested for?

P9A is the one currently used.
> If we are correct the stack sends an packettype that isn't 
> documented in
> the specification. Is this correct, what type of packet is used?

Could you explain a bit more, what is it that we send which isn't in the spec ? Maybe you could switch on debug and see what pops up ?

> /Joakim