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SV: [bluetooth-dev] Connection problems

I got the ROK 107 that had revision P7C that is a mix between 10a and 10b,
they are also delivered with the same address and need to be repogrammed
by a special software from Ericsson. The P7c is compatible with the
ebdk. I hope this is some help for you.
/ Hans Håkansson

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Skickat: den 14 juli 2000 12:04
Till: bluetooth-dev@xxxxxxx.com
Ämne: [bluetooth-dev] Connection problems

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We are trying to set up a connection between two ericsson modules, but
some problems have occured. Which firmware in the ericcson baseband has
the stack been tested for?

If we are correct the stack sends an packettype that isn't documented in
the specification. Is this correct, what type of packet is used?