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[bluetooth-dev] Who can kindly help me?

Hi all,

     Is there anyone who can kindly help ?

Q1> Do we need to set up a PPP connection before we
use the stack ? Is there anyone who know how to setup
a ppp connection through a null modem  on Redhat 6.1 ?

Q2> I have now got the menu after I run the stack
(without the ppp link). On the first line of
the response, it said " we are client" which I don't
understand why ? even I change the option (-r) to
server, it still responses as we are client ?! Why was
that ?

Q3> from the menu, there is like 4 options :
    inq (inquiry scan)
    connect <xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx> <profile>
    disc <handle>
    send <nbr bytes> <handle> stat  (get status) quit

    How can I use those options ? Is there a READMe or
menu telling me how to use it ?

Best Regards,


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