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[bluetooth-dev] PPP Connection ?


We are trying to get a point to point connection going with the Axis
Bluetooth Stack.

Our equipment and software are of the following revisions:

Axis Stack: bluetooth_20000607.tgz
Linux Distribution: RedHat v6.1
Kernel Version: 2.2.12
pppd: 2.3.10

Ericson EBSK: ROK101007/2 P3B
We have upgraded our firmware with revision P8A.
So it now has some level of compliance to v1.0b of the Bluetooth

The problem:
When we create a connection between a server and a client using the
connect command from the server BTD application the log messages
initially state that a connection is made at both RFCOMM and L2CAP.
Then the log messages state that the L2CAP is disconnected.  The log
messages is as follows:

"BLUETOOTH : l2cap : (66,0) disconnected"

After we quit from the BTD application menu the pppd runs on the client
and it starts to send LCP (ConfReq) messages to the server.  These
messages are received by the server (we can see log messages being
displayed in response to the transmission) but it eventually times out
after 10 unsuccessful attempts.

It does not look like the pppd on the server side is getting the LCP

The Questions:
Is this the correct sequence to make a ppp connection between two units
Is it normal that L2CAP should be disconnected ?