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Re: [bluetooth-dev] PPP Connection ?

Paul Monterosso wrote:
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> The problem:
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> When we create a connection between a server and a client using the
> connect command from the server BTD application the log messages
> initially state that a connection is made at both RFCOMM and L2CAP.
> Then the log messages state that the L2CAP is disconnected.  The log
> messages is as follows:
> "BLUETOOTH : l2cap : (66,0) disconnected"
> After we quit from the BTD application menu the pppd runs on the client
> and it starts to send LCP (ConfReq) messages to the server.  These
> messages are received by the server (we can see log messages being
> displayed in response to the transmission) but it eventually times out
> after 10 unsuccessful attempts.
I have absolutly the same problem !!!
> It does not look like the pppd on the server side is getting the LCP
> messages.
But it seams, that the data (ConfReq) arrives at the server.

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> The Questions:
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> Is this the correct sequence to make a ppp connection between two units
> ?
> Is it normal that L2CAP should be disconnected ?

Is it possible, that other people, who do not have that problem, have
some other (important) options for the pppd in thier /etc/ppp/options
file ?