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Re: [bluetooth-dev] Who can kindly help me?

Hi Dan,

--- Dan Morris <dmorris@xxxxxxx.edu> wrote: > On Mon,
17 Jul 2000, [iso-8859-1] Calvin Tsang
> wrote:
> > Q2> I have now got the menu after I run the stack
> > (without the ppp link). On the first line of
> > the response, it said " we are client" which I
> don't
> > understand why ? even I change the option (-r) to
> > server, it still responses as we are client ?! Why
> was
> > that ?
> I have reached a similar point with the Axis stack;
> I compiled it and
> ran it, and mostly understand how it works, but I am
> not quite sure of
> the precise sequence of things one needs to do to
> actually establish a
> ppp connection.  If you do come across any good
> step-by-step answers,
> could you let me know?
> As I understand it, I run the following on one
> machine :
> btapp -i ericsson -s 57600 -u /dev/ttyS0 -r server

Hey here-->
what are you trying to do? Are you trying to run the
directory "apps" ? What I normally do is to run by
./btd -u /dev/ttyS0 -s 57600 -i ericsson -r server

... and below, what is meant by -m ?

> ...and on the other machine, I run :
> btapp -i ericsson -s 57600 -u /dev/ttyS0 -r client
> -m
> And when the menu comes up, I run :
> connect [first device's bt address] 0

how do we know the bt address ? Is it the /dev/ttyBT0
or is it something else ?

> (The zero for the serial protocol).
> Then hopefully they establish a connection, and I
> quit the menu.  The
> connection should then follow through to a full ppp
> connection, but so
> far I have not gotten it to run without crashing or
> just not working
> properly.  If you can get it further, or know of any
> essential steps I'm
> missing, can you pass any information along?
> Thanks... hope maybe my summary of the usage of the
> app was useful.

When I first run the stack, I could get the menu pop
up after a while, then I quit and tried to change some
of the options such as to run it as a client instead
of a server, and I couldn't get the menu anymore ! The
response message was 
     "Setup bt line disc: Invalid argument

Do you have a clue why was it? Have you experience
this ? Do you know how to fix it ?

Also, have you setup a ppp connection between the 2
machines before you start using this stack ? I have a
problem here too as I could run a ppp session between
those 2 machines. I tested it by pinging from one to
another. But I could only ping from one to another but
not I couldn't do it in reverse direction. Do you know
how to fix it ? In fact I 'm a student and I'm very
new to Linux system and really don't know what has
been gone wrong! Can you give me some advices ??

At the moment I'm still searching everywhere for the
proper way to do all this connecting thingy. If I know
any step-by-step answer, I 'll let you know !

Best Regards,

Calvin Tsang

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