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Re: [bluetooth-dev] No ppp connection opened

We are struggling with the exact same problem as reported by 
Gustav Svensson and which seems to be pretty similar to the one 
reported by Paul Monterosso (LCP timeout).

Any help on possible causes would be greatly appreciated.



Gustav Svensson wrote:
Has anyone ever gotten a working ppp conenction open with the bluetooth

I have now, after hours of reading, trying and fixing, managed to get a
connection handle out of the connect call. Then I quit the menu mode
from both the server and the client. This concludes in the client
sending ten of these messages to the stdout:

sent [LCP ConfReq id=0x1 <asyncmap 0x0> <magic 0x471e4100> <pcomp>
and then finaly:

LCP: timeout sending Config-Requests
Connection terminated.
on the server side no msg are written to the stdout.

I have the 2.2.16 kernel on a Slackware 7.1 system, using one EBDK and
one EBMK

the EBMK (mini kit) is actually working just as fine as the ebdk is, I
saw in some other mail that people were wondering if it would work, as
the readbd command works with this module I guess it's ok.

I have allso tried to get the ppp connection up with two of the EBDK
kits with the same failure.

if you have answers to some of my problems, please contribute =)

Gustav Svensson
Ístersund Sweden


Paul Monterosso wrote:
The problem:
When we create a connection between a server and a client using the
connect command from the server BTD application the log messages
initially state that a connection is made at both RFCOMM and L2CAP.
Then the log messages state that the L2CAP is disconnected.  The log
messages is as follows:

"BLUETOOTH : l2cap : (66,0) disconnected"

After we quit from the BTD application menu the pppd runs on the client
and it starts to send LCP (ConfReq) messages to the server.  These
messages are received by the server (we can see log messages being
displayed in response to the transmission) but it eventually times out
after 10 unsuccessful attempts.
I have absolutly the same problem !!!
It does not look like the pppd on the server side is getting the LCP
But it seams, that the data (ConfReq) arrives at the server.
The Questions:
Is this the correct sequence to make a ppp connection between two units
Is it normal that L2CAP should be disconnected ?