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Re: [bluetooth-dev] Who can kindly help me?

Hi Dan,

      First of all, thanks for you answer ! They are
all very useful for me.

> The BT address is a series of six hex numbers... you
> might have gotten it
> from your distributor; we got ours by writing hex
> bytes to the serial port
> and reading the hex bytes that come back (we didn't
> use axis software to do
> that, just a little program that reads from and
> writes to the serial port).
> We
> used the READ_BD_ADDR command (as specified in the
> HCI specifications), and our
> device replied with its address.  If you have
> ericsson test modules, I think
> (but I'm not sure) that they all ship with the
> address 11:11:11:50:11:11.

   I don't fully understand this but anyway, what I
have got now are just 2 Linux PC (Redhat 6.1) and I
have a serial cable connecting to each other on serial
port com1. And I have got the Axis stack and that is.
Nothing else. I don't have any development kit or any
bluetooth hardware.

   So, my question is can I still build up a bluetooth
link by the stack ? Will I need anything else to get
the bluetooth address (such as the little program that
you used) ?

> Did you read the readme.txt file that comes with the
> stack?  It instructs
> you to run "mknod" and "insmod" after you compile;
> did you do that?  Do you
> know that you have to insmod every time you reboot
> the machine?

    Yes, I read the readme.txt many times in fact. I
found out that there are different version of command
to run the btd. If you look at the source code of
btd.c, the example there tell you a different way to
run it.

    Say you have run the stack as a server, then you
quit. And later you run it again as a client, to do
this do you have to reset the previous options you
used as a server ? The reason I ask this is because I
have run the stack as a server, then I quit and run it
as a client and afterwards I couldn't get the menu.
What I did was to erase the bluetooth directory and
re-compile it again. Then I could get the menu back.

> You shouldn't have pppd running on either side...
> the application will
> launch pppd for you.

    Yes, I understand this, so you mean the stack will
activate the pppd automatically even without setting
up or configuring the ppp ? All need to be done is
only to connect a serial cable between the 2 machines
?! Oh no, I have spent so much time on figuring out
how to setup a ppp link between the 2 machines !! :(

    Finally I have one more question, the question is
when I run the stack, I couldn't get the menu and at
the very end of the message it said: 

Running as a server
serdev /dev/ttyS0, btdev /......
.starting ppp server on /dev/ttyBT0
/bin/pppd: no such file or directory
Spawned pppd[10337] in the background

so, do you know why it can't start the ppp ? Why it
can't find such a file ? What do I have to do to fix
this ?

Thank you  and Good luck !!


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