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RE: [bluetooth-dev] CSR Dev Kit Again?

CSR does not use the HCI-UART interface.  They use a modified version
(presumably to support their trade-off options as to how much of their
internal stack to use).  The Casira data-sheets imply that information and
possibly sample code as to creating a host based conversion layer is
included with the kit or available upon request.

We don't have a Casira kit at the moment, but we have been investigating it.

BTW: If someone who has purchased a Casira kit recently could email me the
current price I would appreciate it (just to get a rough number before CSR
responds to an RFQ).

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There should be no problems as long as the stack is interfacing the HW
through HCI-UART, the only differences I can think of would  be things like
setting of baudrate or other non-standard hci commands. As of the layer
above HCI there are no differences at all.
What difficulties are you having ?

/Mattias Ågren,
AXIS Communications AB

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> I've seen this same questions asked a few time by others with
> no response,
> but here it goes again....Has anyone managed to run the stack
> with the CSR
> Hardware (Casira) ?
> What's involved in using the stack with CSR Hardware?
> Thanks,
> Lyle