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RE: [bluetooth-dev] CSR Dev Kit Again?

can anybody tell me what is this CSR, CSR blue stack, CSR kits....... r
these the bluetooth ready products ?????

i tried searching the internet for the same but didn't get anything related
with bluetooth. can anybody provide me with more details of the same????

Srinivas gangji

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This is not an answer to your question...., but why don't you want to use
internal stack in the BlueCore of CSR? We consider CSR for a project and
the built-in stack is one of CSR's really strong points.

Jostein Pettersen

Lyle.Zumbach@xxxxxxx.com wrote:

> I've seen this same questions asked a few time by others with no response,
> but here it goes again....Has anyone managed to run the stack with the CSR
> Hardware (Casira) ?
> What's involved in using the stack with CSR Hardware?
> Thanks,
> Lyle