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Re: [bluetooth-dev] Freeezzzz

On Wed, 26 Jul 2000, Maksim Krasnyanskiy wrote:
> When you get "Page timeout" from HCI (baseband connection failed) right 
> after that you'll get nice SDP crash :)).
> Yes. Hack and fix it :))

Taking Max's advice (since his advice on the ppp options file basically
fixed 95% of our problems), we tried to hack and fix our crash-prone stack... I
disabled SDP (just commented the relevant lines out of bluetooth.c and
hard-coded the RFCOMM channel) and disabled all HCI timer events (I set
HCI_RCV_TIMER to 0 in hci.c).

SDP no longer randomly SEGV's... yey.   

The non-SDP-related kernel panic rate went down significantly... in fact the
whole stack works fine now - all the time - on my desktop pentium running
2.2.16.  However, I still get crazy kernel panics when large amounts of data
are received through bluetooth on a 486, running 2.1.14.  So I can telnet,
chat, send cute ASCII art, etc., but I can't browse in netscape from one machine
to the other.  Has anyone else tried to run the stack on older machines?
Any success?  Any suggestions?  Anyone else have bandwith-dependent

Thanks for your many useful tips, MAx.

-Dan Morris

Tiqit Computers