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Re: [bluetooth-dev] Who can kindly help me?

Hi Dan,

    Thank you for you help !! By the way, have you
used the new stack yet ? What do you think of it ?

--- Dan Morris <dmorris@xxxxxxx.edu> wrote: > You

> You definitely don't need to set up a ppp connection
> between the machines;
> btd starts pppd on both sides for you.  You do,
> however, have to have your
> ppp-options file set up properly.  A mail went out
> to the mailing list
> yesterday with the proper options in it; using that,
> I was able to get a
> complete ppp connection running over the bluetooth
> devices.  Finally!

That's good to here that you can get it work FINALLY !
Concerning about the ppp options, I have also read
that email from Max, I have also created a file called
/ppp/options.ttyBT0. However, I'm not sure if I need
to modify the code in order to use these options? If
it does, how can I do it ?

> On my machines (redhat 6.2), pppd does not live in
> /bin .  It lives in
> /usr/sbin.  So I made a link from /bin/pppd to
> /usr/sbin/pppd, so when the
> btd app tries to start it, it will start properly. 
> You could also change
> the btd.c code so that it uses /usr/sbin/pppd
> instead of /bin/pppd.

Yes, same here, my pppd lives in /usr/sbin too. I have
modified the btd.c. Can you confirm with me ? I change
the line 124 
         #define PPPCMD "/usr/sbin/pppd"
I saved it after changed it. But it seems not working.

   First of all, I still don't fully understand what I
should exactly do to make a connect when the menu
   Secondly, I have tried to enter ppp when I run the
btd, it still complains about it can't find the file
pppd ! This is strange as I have changed the btd.c. Or
should I modifify the code sowhere else ?

Thank you!

Best Regards,

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