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[bluetooth-dev] big endian support for furture releases


a lot of people are working on big endian CPUs, especially in the
embedded market. So it would be nice to have big endian support in the
axis bluetooth driver ! Some people have already done the essential
changes for the endianess. Now the question to the guys from Axis: Are
you willing to keep some defines and changes in your future releases to
solve the endianess problem, if someone, perhaps me, sends you a patch ?
Or do I have to apply the changes always by myself on each new release ?
Of course I know that the ETRAX contans a little endian CPU !

Other question: DO you have a special time schedule for the next
releases and features ? Probably you have, since you want to provide
your Bluetooth LAP at the end of the year ! Am I right ? Can you give
some more information about the future plans on the stack ?

At least some information for all people who are asking questions about
Comtec EBMKs: The stack is running wonderful with these modules, since
there are Ericsson's ROKs on the PCBs. No changes are needed !

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