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RE: Re2:[bluetooth-dev] Then what ??

Hi Jonas,

> >     Also, I am not sure what is the proper way to
> > start the ppp connect after the menu comes up? And
> I
> > don't have any Bluetooth hardware neither, so will
> I
> > still be able to use this stack ?
> If your aim is to develop a BT application you can
> still use the stack. Just use the HCI emulation and
> a null modem cable.

Ok, i see so I can still use this stack.

What I really want to do is just to establish a
connection between 2 machines using the stack. And I
want to ping from one to another, that's my purpose of
using the stack.

Can you tell me what is the normal procedure to use
the stack for which there is no hardware ? What am I
expected to do when the menu comes up ?

Best Regards,


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