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RE: [bluetooth-dev] big endian support for furture releases

Hi everybody,

If we get a patch that we can apply to the distribution, we will be pleased to include your code. That holds for any bugfixes and/or improvements. Our purpose of releasing the stack under GPL is exactly this. Let's make great software together.

As we state in the FAQ we will add voice support as well. There is also a need for better SDP support. I know that there are people working on or at least thinking about both endianess and SDP. If someone out there have already started on this, maybe you could contact Matthias so you can coordinate your work. Please inform the list as well. 

As more and more people get hardware, we hope that the bugs that are still in there will be found and removed. If you find something peculiar please let us know. 

Matthias, great to hear that you have got your EBMKs working with the stack!
best regards,
Jonas Dellenvall
Software Engineer, Mobile Internet
AXIS Communications AB
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cell. +46 733 800 665

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> Subject: [bluetooth-dev] big endian support for furture releases
> Hi,
> a lot of people are working on big endian CPUs, especially in the
> embedded market. So it would be nice to have big endian support in the
> axis bluetooth driver ! Some people have already done the essential
> changes for the endianess. Now the question to the guys from Axis: Are
> you willing to keep some defines and changes in your future 
> releases to
> solve the endianess problem, if someone, perhaps me, sends 
> you a patch ?
> Or do I have to apply the changes always by myself on each 
> new release ?
> Of course I know that the ETRAX contans a little endian CPU !
> Other question: DO you have a special time schedule for the next
> releases and features ? Probably you have, since you want to provide
> your Bluetooth LAP at the end of the year ! Am I right ? Can you give
> some more information about the future plans on the stack ?
> At least some information for all people who are asking 
> questions about
> Comtec EBMKs: The stack is running wonderful with these modules, since
> there are Ericsson's ROKs on the PCBs. No changes are needed !
> Matthias
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