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[bluetooth-dev] Then what AGAIN !!


   Sorry it's me again ! Yes, I actally read the new
version of readme.txt since I downloaded it. But I
didn't realise I need to modify the btconfig.h.

   However, I opened the file and defined the
HCI_EMULATION by deleting the "//" right ? And I have
also add a "//" to undefine the P9A ericsson firmware.
I have saved it but not sure how to update the change.
I tried to compile the btd.c but it didn't work. It
said nothing to compile. So can you tell me how I can
compile the module with the "defined HCI_EMULATION" ?

    Also, I followed the example on the readme to run
the stack on both side.

On the server side, I can reach that it shows:

    connect: ppp0 <-> /dev/ttyBT0

and on the client side,
when the menu comes up, I do:

          con 11:22:33:44:55:66 0

then it responses as:

connecting to 11:22:33:44:55:66 
using profile:0

But it just stopped there forever....

I suspect I may not have defined the HCI_EMULATION

My final question is, IF I can get this running, I can
do ping, ftp etc... right ? Do I just ping as we ping
it normally with the ip address ? Or do we have to use
the bt address to do ping ?

Thank you,

Best Regards,

> Compile the module with the define HCI_EMULATION
> (btconfig.h) defined. 
> Then connect 2 Linux PC with a null modem cabel, and
> start the btd application
> as server as one side and btd as client on the other
> side.
> Server side:
> 1. start btd with the option
>    btd -e 0 -i no_hw
> Client side:
> 1. start btd with the option
>    btd -r client -e 0 -i no_hw
> 2. Connect to the serverside by doing
>    connect 11:22:33:44:55:66 0 (actually the bd
> address does not matter in
>    this case)

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