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[bluetooth-dev] USB/Stack changes

Greg KH and I are almost done with the USB driver.  It should almost work
with the axis stack when done.  There are a few things I would like to
request to get this working with my HW.

1) Add a reset to hci_init.  Pretty simple, here is the code:

  c_pkt.type = CMD_PKT;
  c_pkt.ocf = RESET;
  c_pkt.ogf = HCI_HC;
  c_pkt.len = 0;

  return send_cmd((unsigned char*) &c_pkt ,c_pkt.len + CMD_HDR_LEN + HCI_HDR_LEN);

2) Add code to do the bt_flush_buffer.  If you don't do this,
then chars in buffer returns nonzero and pppd has a hard time
exiting.  Something simple:

static void
bt_flush_buffer(struct tty_struct *tty)
  bt_tx_buf* tx_buf;
  /* Must flush the buffer, otherwise chars_in_buffer returns nonzero
     and pppd hangs on the exit while doing the set line disc ioctl */
  while((tx_buf = get_bt_buf())){

3) In bt_create_connection if the rfcomm_connection_req is interrupted
(say by ctrl-c) then r_value returns 0 and the sdp_disconnect_req goes
forward and eventually an oops occurs.  This seemed to work, may be you
have something better:

if (r_value != 0)

4) I get timeouts on pretty much all hci ctrl transfers. This is because
the return result and the wake up occur before the sleep occurs.  I don't
have a great fix for this yet other than to ignore the timeouts since they
are harmless.

5) I have a few other small problems that seem to occur with my P7C based
HW, but those may be just me.  One major one is that control messages are
totally unreliable unless the bulk transfers are off.  There are
references to this in the USB driver.

Mark Douglas Corner