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RE: [bluetooth-dev] L2CAP ping implementation + PSM 0x1231

Title: RE: [bluetooth-dev] L2CAP ping implementation + PSM 0x1231


On Page 273 of the Core Specification, do not make the same mistake as other L2CAP implementations that the value of PSM is always 2bytes. It is defined as being a minimum of 2bytes, this makes a definition of MAX_PSM meaningless as that value is not defined.


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Subject: [bluetooth-dev] L2CAP ping implementation + PSM 0x1231

Hi all,

After some time I found out that
    - The echo request is already implemented in the stack.
    - PSM 0x1231 is already taken into account in L2CAP when UNPLUG_TEST
is defined and the test layer is registered with PSM = MAX_PSM-1.

I would have appreciated a short email from someone at Axis telling me
It would have saved me some time.