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[bluetooth-dev] Re: Bugs in the last release of L2CAP + PSM

Title: [bluetooth-dev] Re: Bugs in the last release of L2CAP + PSM

What would you think if this were to stop the Stack software from becoming a Bluetooth Qualified product?

I have not read the TSS document for L2CAP yet, but it may well decide that the BQTF/BQB shall have a test which sends a connection request with a PSM value of more than 2 bytes. This may be worth checking?

I do so happen to agree with you that 64K is a large number of PSM values. *8-(


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Subject: RE: [bluetooth-dev] Bugs in the last release of L2CAP + PSM
> Concerning the PSM, it must be at least of type u16 (probably
> u32!) since the range of dynamically assigned values is
> [0x1001-0xFFFF] (See p:278 Core specification).
> But it is also written on this page that the PSM field can be
> extended beyond 16 bits ...

As of today I don't see why there should be a need for more than
65536 upper protocols... :) so for now I think 16 bits will do.
If a need comes up that should be pretty easy to change.

comments ?