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RE: [bluetooth-dev] USB/Stack changes

> More stuff:
> 1) What the is up with the trash buffer in the
> WAIT_FOR_ACL_HDR?  Because the trash buffer is picked up, the
> in_buf->buf_ptr is then NULL and the memcpy freezes the machine.  This
> took my FOREVER to find.  I commented it out which fixes the 
> problem.  I
> am a little suprised that the stack works at all! :)  This bug occurs
> anytime you have a mutlipart l2cap message.
Sorry for that.

I have no idea why that line still is there...

It should be removed.

The trash_buffer is a temporary fix for handling the case when all the inbuffers are occupied. Though we will probably solve this in another way later on...

Best Regards