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[bluetooth-dev] I can't seem to get it working

When I'm connecting the stack with -i no_hw the /proc/bt tells me that
I actually have a connection, but there is no ppp0 device in ifconfig or
in route.
When I'm trying to connect with the hardware it halts after connecting
to xx:xx:xx:xx::xx using profile 0 I don't get a connection handle or
anything like that. I used to get that when I was using the older stack
( two versions from now). I'm on a Slackware 7.1 kernel 2.2.16 mashine
using the EBDK hardware.

Does anyone have any advice how to solve these problems, If I can't get
this working in a limited amount of time I will be forced into using
Ericssons stack instead....

Best regards Gustav Svensson