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[bluetooth-dev] Windows PP connection

I am interested in getting a connection between a windows BT client and a
linux BT PPP server.

I have a basic connection between the windows box and the linux server.
This includes the baseband, l2cap and the rfcomm connection.  If I use
procomm on the windows side I can get the OK responses from the modem
emualtion on the Linux side.

So that means it is almost working!

I tried a generic modem on the windows side as
well as a special fake NULL RAS modem:

I fire up dialup networking and dial using these modems.

With the generic modem I get the rfcomm connection but no CLIENT command.
On the NULL RAS modem I additionally get the CLIENT command and the stack
sends the CLIENTSERVER command back.  It sdoesn't look like a BT
problem, jus ts setup problem on the windows side since windows never
completes the dialing phase.

Anybody get this to work?  I am mostly concerned about the windows side
since it looks like it is at fault.


Mark Douglas Corner