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RE: [bluetooth-dev] Windows PP connection


Try to install a standard 33600 baud on your 'virtual com port' and enable modem emulation


Mats Fridén

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From: Ola Nilsson
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Sent: 08/08/00 08:34
Subject: RE: [bluetooth-dev] Windows PP connection


Don't know if this fixes your problem, but make sure that hardware
flowcontrol is disabled on the modem you've installed (the one setup 
to use the bt com-port). Also tone dialing (not pulse) on the dialup 
connection using the modem is needed.


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From: Mark Douglas Corner
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Subject: [bluetooth-dev] Windows PP connection

I am interested in getting a connection between a windows BT client and
linux BT PPP server.

I have a basic connection between the windows box and the linux server.
This includes the baseband, l2cap and the rfcomm connection.  If I use
procomm on the windows side I can get the OK responses from the modem
emualtion on the Linux side.

So that means it is almost working!

I tried a generic modem on the windows side as
well as a special fake NULL RAS modem:

I fire up dialup networking and dial using these modems.

With the generic modem I get the rfcomm connection but no CLIENT
On the NULL RAS modem I additionally get the CLIENT command and the
sends the CLIENTSERVER command back.  It sdoesn't look like a BT
problem, jus ts setup problem on the windows side since windows never
completes the dialing phase.

Anybody get this to work?  I am mostly concerned about the windows side
since it looks like it is at fault.


Mark Douglas Corner