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[bluetooth-dev] Hardware Compatibility and spec.


We are trying the Stack with a RF hardware, made by DigiAnswer (RS232).

because we have got a major connection problems,
I made a switch and examined the code of the stack.

At previous mails,  axis-team declared that the stack
is compatible with digi-dongles, so I want to sharp that point.

digi dongles that works with the serial port,
compatible with the 0.9 specs,
from the code I noticed that axis stack,
is compatible only with 1.0 specs.

let's examine two problems at the lowest level of the stack (hci)

Take for Example the hci.c file at line 933.
the READ BUFFER SIZE command returns as an event
4 important parameters (including the number of free buffers for
because digi-dongles compatible only with 0.9 specs, which declares
only two return parameters (without the free buffers),
I can't see how the stack can work with DigiAnswer Hardware.

Take another Example:    hci.c
the create_connection function at line 1257
according to 0.9 spec,  that function suppose to build
an acl-hci-packet containing only 2 parameters:

2.1 the bd_addr of the unit to be connected with.
2.2 the type of packet.

but according to 1.0 specs it transmits 3 more parameters.
so how can hci command including CREATE_CONNECTION
identification can be handle at the receiving side by a digi-dongle ??
it must then send an event with an error code to it's host !!

These two examples made me wonder if the stack is supports DigiAnswer
Hardware ??


Oren H.Spark