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Re: [bluetooth-dev] Final plans?

On Tue, 15 Aug 2000, Gustav Svensson wrote:
> Hi!

> Me and my boss was discussing the fenomenom Axis-bluetooth-stack
> yesterday. We're standing in the choise betwene Ericsson and Axis, both
> for linux. What we discussed was the probabillity wheter Axis would
Ericsson has a BT-Stack for Linux?

> supply the finished stack under GNU general public license or if they
> would stop releasing the code when it neared a critical state. A state
> where it soon would be finished and maby even cirtified as a Bluetooth
> product. In his point of view Axis would not chose to show the finished
> product to the public to prevent other companies from directly copy the
> code and use it in there aplications.
That's the way GPL works.

> What the question now asks is as folow:
> Will you leave us, the testers and partly developers behind when you
> endup with a near finished product?
> Or will you carry on and let us taste the sweetnes of a fully
> Bluetooth-compatible stack for Linux as a reward
> for our anoying questions, reported bugs, small fixes and gentle addons
> to the package?
> In hope that the open source once again will prevail
If I understand the GPL correctly Axis has no choice, whether they want to or
not. Once GPL forever GPL and there is no way around it. What they would have
to do to "close" the projhect again would be to rewrite the whole thing from
scratch not reusing the GPLed parts. That would be a tremendous work and I
don't think that Axis wants to take it.
So I think you can be quite sure that the stack will keep free and GPL.
I cannot speak for Axis since I do not belong to their company so all I am
writing is just an "educated guess" ;)

> sinserly yours
> Gustav Svensson
  nils faerber

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