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Re: [bluetooth-dev] Final plans?

On Tue, 15 Aug 2000, Nils Faerber wrote:
> If I understand the GPL correctly Axis has no choice, whether they want
> to or not. Once GPL forever GPL and there is no way around it. What they
> would have to do to "close" the projhect again would be to rewrite the
> whole thing from scratch not reusing the GPLed parts. That would be a
> tremendous work and I don't think that Axis wants to take it.

I won't answer the real question since I'm sure people from the bluetooth
group will do that but I'll give a rant and 2 facts:

1. generally, there is no reason to be afraid that a competitor will
"steal" your code because the competitor will need to release his own
modifications back (not to mention all the other openness required to use
a GPL'ed Linux/GNU system in a product). also, Axis is benefit by the
broad acceptance of Bluetooth as much as any other company making
bluetooth things. the more bluetooth gadgets around, the bigger the market
gets. this is one of the reasons why we put the project under GPL in the
first place.

2. code that has already been distributed under the GPL remains free, as
you note

3. however, the copyright-holders can still choose whatever means of
future distribution of a work he wants. the GPL is a licensing scheme not
a means to remove the rights of the owner. normally, so many people have
contributed to a project that it is impossible to "close off" it again -
there are too many lines of code owned by too many authors.