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[bluetooth-dev] Implementing OBEX over AXIS

I searched the archives and found a mention of someone suggesting the
integration of OpenOBEX with the Axis stack.  I have a need to develop
an application for educational purposes and wanted to use OBEX.  Before
I begin, I'd just like to know if anyone out there has used OpenOBEX to
transfer anything successfully over the Axis stack.  I've downloaded the
OpenOBEX code and have been toying with it for a while to get familiar. 
I'm ready to start...just not interested in reinventing wheels.  Do I
have any friends out there?

Ken Steck

"Particle man, particle man.  
 Doing the things a particle can." -- TMBG

Wm. Kenneth Steck      AnywhereYouGo.com 
ken@xxxxxxx.com  972-489-7244