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Re: [bluetooth-dev] connection speed

Calvin Tsang wrote:

> Hi,
>   Can anyone answer this question ?
>   When we use the Axis stack to emulate Bluetooth, is
> it dependent on the processing speed/RAM  of the
> machine? What I meant is, when making a connection
> from a client to a server, I told about 10-12 second
> for such connection. If I have a faster processor or
> bigger RAM, will this connection speed be quicker ??
>     If it does, how much faster would it be ? Or how
> much influence will the processor speed be affecting
> the connection speed ?
>     I am desperated to know about this as this is very
> important to my project. Also is there anyone who has
> done such a test ?
> Best Regards,
> Calvin Tsang

 Hi Calvin

Maybe it's concern with your problem,
anyway it do concerning with speed:

1) we are using the stack with the SERIAL PORT profile,
2) and after stopping network at both sides (eth0).

3) We had notice that when we make a client server connection,
   and use the command 'send bytes' from the menu,
   the throughput from the client to the server is very slow,
   comparing to the throughput from the server to the client.

4) when we start the network on the client side,
   the throughput becomes equal to the opposite throughput


Oren & Julian
High - Speed - Digital - Systems - Lab.