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[bluetooth-dev] HCI UART Transport Layer and RS232 UART Transport Layer

	I would have like to know different things about HCI UART transport layer
on RS232. Do the stack operate as well with digianswer device as with other
manufacturer's devices ( such as E///, CSR, ...) ?
	In most cases, it seems as if the lower part of the HCI code (on the host)
is manufacturer specific (e.g, Digianswer has its Baudrate "limitated" to
115200 bauds). Is the default protocole mode respected in the initialisation
of the communication ?
	I mean : before any packet is sent over the serial link, a negotiation
packet must be sent to establish the link settings (such as Baud rate,
protocole mode : CRC or RTS/CTS synchronisation, ...). But, the way this
packet is sent (on AXIS Bluetooth stack) does not seem to match with
Bluetooth Core (that requires the default mode protocole : 0x13) : CRC-CCITT
should be used with a baud rate of 9600 Bauds but I did not see any CRC
table or calculation. Is it normal ?

Thanks in advance of your response(s).
Best regards,
		MikaŽl Prod'homme.

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