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[bluetooth-dev] RE: Bluetooth Questions

Hi Andrew,

I am not sure I quite understand what you mean, but if what you say is, that it is our own stack that crashes after receiving approximately 40k, am aware about the problem. But, I haven't found the reason for why the data becomes corrupt...

If anyone have got any further or have some more ideas about this problem, please tell me.

Best Regards

Mats Fridén
AXIS Communication

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> From: Andrew Lai [mailto:laiandrew@xxxxxxx.sg]
> Sent: Wednesday, August 23, 2000 4:42 AM
> To: mats.friden@xxxxxxx.com
> Subject: Bluetooth Questions
> Hi Mat,
> I've been trying out the lastest release of the Axis 
> Bluetooth protocol 
> stack(bluetooth_20000804.tgz).  Apparently there are still 
> some problems in 
> the transmission/receiving of data.  This usually happens after I've 
> transmitted about 40,000 bytes.  Then the application on the 
> receiving 
> bluetooth unit reports errors in the HCI layer.
> Andrew