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[bluetooth-dev] Re: How do I do FTP? no Bluetooth H/W


"If you want to run ftp, you need to set up a ppp connection, this is done
by starting pppd over /dev/ttyBT".

Thankx for Ur  reply.... now the thing ..
pppd path I have specified it correctly   #define PPPDCMD  "/usr/sbin/pppd
" in the btd.c itself,.... & pppd is  is runing  on both the sides...
now the problem is how do I address the another m/c... here  2 linux m/c
,,, & one is acting as server & another is acting as client

pls clarify this Question

Best Regards

Mats Friden
AXIS Communications

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> Subject: [bluetooth-dev] How do I do FTP? no Bluetooth H/W
> Hi...
> At present we are testing the Bluetooth stack with No H/W....
> bocoz of this
>  I am not able to understand  how do I  FTP to the other
> machine & how do I
>  address that !!! pls let me as soon as possible
> rds,
> prema