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Re: [bluetooth-dev] Hardware Compatibility and spec.

Hi Maksim

First of all: 

you are suppose to supply a the correct voltage from an external power
supply, and it better be stabilized.

the spec. are:
                   2.4 - 5.5 VDC
                   at 2.4V Data transfer max 300mA . 
                           Idle          max 220mA .
                   at 5.5V Data transfer max 150mA.
                           Idle          max 120mA.

Do you know anything about the new firmware ver 5.0 from digianswer
and if it supports version 1.0B of the specifications ???

It seems like nobody  tested axis-stack with digianswer models,
I hope that you or someone else will correct me !!!

anyway the only thing we succeeded with these dongles & axis stack,
is to read the BD-ADDR of the devices in a local env.
and to get error HCI packets at a distributed env.

Please ack. me if there's something new.


Oren H.Spark


On Wed, 23 Aug 2000, Maksim Krasnyanskiy wrote:

> Hi Oren,
> >We are trying the Stack with a RF hardware, made by DigiAnswer (RS232).
> I wonder it you're using the same hardware as we trying to use.
> We have DigiAnswer RS232 adapter that requires external power suply, and 
> since most of the time
> we use EBDK or DigiAnswer USB nobody really remembers correct voltages for 
> that RS232 adapter.
> And I couldn't find documentation for it :((.
> So, the question is, do you know what those voltages are ?
> Thanks
> Max
> Maksim Krasnyanskiy		
> Senior Kernel Engineer
> Qualcomm Incorporated
> maxk@xxxxxxx.com
> (408) 557-1092