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[bluetooth-dev] Projects?

Hello group.  I've been lurking for quite some time now.  My only real
contribution to the group came several months ago when I helped port the
stack from 2.0.X kernel to the 2.2.x kernel.

Now, I'm actually using this code.  Now I'm back in my element.  My
current focus is on expanding the stack as it is.  Right now, I'm
putting all the hooks in for all the HCI commands.  This is mostly
because I was working on a project needing OBEX and noticed I had to add
some stuff.

I'm just curious what sorts of things everyone out there is doing with
this stack?  Once I'm done with what I'm doing, I hope it will be a
valuable resource from the rest of you.

The only thing is...I've noticed my ideas of architecture are a bit
different from the way this current source is designed.  I'm not saying
my way is the right way...but I have done this sort of coding (low level
message passing interfaces) for defense, medical, and industrial control
projects for years... I've got a pretty good, standard approach to this
sort of software.

The end result should be a far cleaner interface than currently
exists...well, that's the goal at least.  Mostly, I'm really wanting
this software to succeed.  I've made it my personal passion to be sure
Linux is not left behind by not having a reasonable bluetooth stack to
develop applications.  There are already two Qualified software stacks
for that crappy Microsoft OS...

Probably by next week...I'll have some stuff in reasonable enough shape
to share.

Just rambling...

"Particle man, particle man.  
 Doing the things a particle can." -- TMBG

Wm. Kenneth Steck      AnywhereYouGo.com 
ken@xxxxxxx.com  972-489-7244