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RE: [bluetooth-dev] multiple emulated serial ports.

Hi Kiran,

Yes, the RFCOMM - layer in our stack supports multiple serial ports, but we haven't fixed the interface between the RFCOMM DLCIs and ttyBTx. We are discussing if we should have one "btd process" controlling all ttyBTx or if we should have many "btd processes", each one started when a ttyBTx is opened. We are interested in all feedback on this issue, so you are all welcome with proposals for solving the problem.

Best Regards

Mats Fridén
AXIS Communications

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> Subject: [bluetooth-dev] multiple emulated serial ports.
> Hai all,
> According to the SIG specifications, both client and server 
> applications
> may reside on both sides of an RFCOMM session, with clients on either
> side making connections independent of each other. In this 
> case how the
> DLCI(Data Link Connection Identifier ) value space is divided between
> the two communicating devices .Does Axis bluetooth stack 
> support multiple
> emulated serial ports.
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