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Re: [bluetooth-dev] USB Driver

On Sun, Sep 03, 2000 at 05:43:33PM -0400, Mark Douglas Corner wrote:
> I am a little confused here.  What is the error?  During the sending of
> ACL packets or during initializiation of the module? 
> Thanks, your feedback is needed since AFAIK the driver hasn't been tested
> by very many people yet.
> Greg, what is this initialization problem?

It looks like for the first HCI command sent to the device, the device
sends a STALL on the read bulk pipe.  This causes the driver to
complain, and stop reading from the read bulk pipe all together.  So
this last patch should hopefully handle the case when the read bulk pipe
STALLs (it just keeps on going, which it should do.)

I realize that Frank's message did not have the same kernel debug log,
as the one that he sent me, so this message probably didn't make much
sense.  Hopefully this now makes more sense.

greg k-h