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Re: [bluetooth-dev] USB Driver

So let me see if I have this correct:  You send an HCI command on the
conteol pipe and you get a USB stall on the Bulk IN pipe?  That is pretty
odd..  Crappy beta hw.

This is solved then?  If not, can you forward the relevent debug log?

> It looks like for the first HCI command sent to the device, the device
> sends a STALL on the read bulk pipe.  This causes the driver to
> complain, and stop reading from the read bulk pipe all together.  So
> this last patch should hopefully handle the case when the read bulk pipe
> STALLs (it just keeps on going, which it should do.)
> I realize that Frank's message did not have the same kernel debug log,
> as the one that he sent me, so this message probably didn't make much
> sense.  Hopefully this now makes more sense.
> greg k-h
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> greg@xxxxxxx.com

Mark Douglas Corner