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[bluetooth-dev] Re: OpenOBEX

Ok, I've gotten several requests for this URL.

I'll post it to the list.  My apologies for not posting in my original


Ken Steck

PS:  Yahoo.com or Google.com...amazing resources...

Chervirala Srinivas wrote:
> Hai,
> Where we can get OpenOBEX code to down load.
> Thanks,
> Chervirala
> --------------------
> I searched the archives and found a mention of someone suggesting the
> integration of OpenOBEX with the Axis stack.  I have a need to develop
> an application for educational purposes and wanted to use OBEX.  Before
> I begin, I'd just like to know if anyone out there has used OpenOBEX to
> transfer anything successfully over the Axis stack.  I've downloaded the
> OpenOBEX code and have been toying with it for a while to get familiar.
> I'm ready to start...just not interested in reinventing wheels.  Do I
> have any friends out there?
> Thanks,
> Ken Steck
> AnywhereYouGo.com

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