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RE: [bluetooth-dev] what is the status of PPP ?

in terms of network interfaces there is no difference running an application over ppp-btstack and standard ppp over a serial cable, assuming you are using the kernel stack. Once pppd has connected over the bt link, there will be a standard network interface setup just as usual (e.g ppp0).
We will soon release a usermode bt stack which you can use pppd on aswell.
Mattias Ågren,
AXIS Communications AB
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Subject: [bluetooth-dev] what is the status of PPP ?

could any one tell me what is acheived till now in regards to the PPP?
I mean using the stack right now, can I run any application that uses PPP services, or do I still have to implement something ?
I didn't understand the diagram in the readme file about PPP over serial.
Hisham Barradah