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[bluetooth-dev] Digianswer RS-232 dongle - RESET

I have been having problems using the DigiAnswer RS-232 dongle with
the AXIS BT stack.  I traced the problem down to hci_reset() where an
HCI "reset" command is sent to the BT RS-232 dongle.  The BT RS-232
dongle seems to receive the RESET and the dongle does not reply to the
command.  In fact, the dongle does not respond to any more commands
and the red light on the RS-232 card goes off immediately after
receiving the RESET.  The only to bring the RS-232 BT device back to
life is repower the device and press its reset button.
Has anybody had this problem?
Are there any other issues using the DigiAnswer RS-232 BT device?
What could I be doing wrong?

command: ./btd -s 9600 -i digi