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[bluetooth-dev] Re: Ur Ans:


Iam sorry , actually it was HCI_EMULATION (i.e:using null modem).
Any way that problem was solved, after making the ppp module.

But I got a new problem related to authentication.

Here the setup is the server is connected to LAN and client is a laptop

not connected to LAN.

When I tried to establish communication between Server and Client.I got
following error on Server Side :

 pppd : The Remote System is required to authenticate it self
 but I couldn't find any suitable secret(password) for it to use to 
 do so.

Do u have any ideas?

with greetings,

v kiran
kirankumarv@xxxxxxx.com - email
(714) 507-3807 x6549 - voicemail/fax

---- lprema@xxxxxxx.com wrote:
> Haii,,
>  As per as I know ,,, only two mode called,,, usermode,& the kernelmode,,,
> let me know what is Ur H/.W emulation mode
>  clarify this then lets go back to the problem...
> prema

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