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Re: [bluetooth-dev] newbie

On 12 Sep 2000 superli@xxxxxxx.net wrote:
>     if (!strncmp(uih_data_start, "CLIENT", 6)) {
>         u8 *modem_command = "CLIENTSERVER";
>         send_uih(modem_command, 12, rfcomm, PPP_DLCI);
>         ...
>     }
>     ...
>    What's the meaning of "CLIENT" & "CLIENTSERVER" ?
>    And where can I find some doc about This?

It's to support a Windoz thingy, where windows instead of negotiating with
a modem to dial-out, is directly connected via null-modem, and thus needs
to perform some basic handshake. Windowz sends CLIENT and the other
computer responds with CLIENTSERVER. I don't know any docs for this or
where it came from but I think it might work..

Anyway I think it's more reliable to use the modem emulation which
responds to AT commands etc and in that case the above code is not used at