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[bluetooth-dev] Re: Configuring BT on etrax dev board

I am sorry to ask the obvious but I found in the file

bool ' Bluetooth support' CONFIG_BLUETOOTH

but in elinux/include/autoconf.h I found:


So I am a little confused.  It seems like CONFIG_BLUETOOTH was turned on in
Config.in but turned off in autoconf file.

Is there somewhere else that CONFIG_BLUETOOTH needs to be defined?

Thank you for your help.

Logan Harris

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Sent: Monday, September 11, 2000 2:13 AM
Subject: RE: Configuring BT on etrax dev board

> Hello
> You have to enable Bluetooth support in the kernel config file.
> I got it to work and i am sending raw data.
> Markus
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> Subject: Configuring BT on etrax dev board
> Hello Markus,
> I am also trying to setup BT on the etrax dev board.  Where there any
> instructions that you found that were useful?
> Did you get it working?
> Thanks,
> Logan Harris
> eSmartLabs