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[bluetooth-dev] CSR


CSR has announced version beta-5 of the firmware for their developer kit.
This version provides HCI-UART (H4) compatible transfers. It works now with
the axis stack, but I found out some (little) problems:
- It is not possible to set the baud rate in the CSR-Hardware "on the fly"
(you have to set it in the Firmware with the flash tool). If there is a
possibility, there should be a hardware-switch (-i csr), which works only
with one baud rate (115200 bit/s as default).
- The hci_reset() is causing trouble. The Kit works much better without this
command during init. I don't know why, but I'll try to find out, what
- The read_ericsson_rev_info command is not understood (who can imagine
...). There should be a hardware flag also in hci.c. Maybe you have to set
with ioctl's.

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