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RE: [bluetooth-dev] newbie

currently we don't support more than ttyBT at a time, however we intend to have this solved by the time multipoint HW is available. As of good books about device driver programming for linux there is one very useful : 'Linux Device Drivers' by Allesandro Rubini (O'Reilly),
Mattias Ågren
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Subject: [bluetooth-dev] newbie

  I'm puzzled with the code implement rfcomm protocl layer.
(the code from bluetooth_20000814.tgz)Can you tell me whether
the code can support two ttyBT virtual_device create onnections
at the same time. I mean after these code in bluetooth.c is

   r_value = rfcomm_connect_req(bt->bd, \
   /*wait here until connection is ready */

before blocked connect_req is wake_up ,if another applicatin
called these code again ,can rfcomm layer create correct

 And more , can this bt_briver support two or more
ttyBT(eg.ttyBT0 ttyBT1...) work at the same time?

 Please Send Mail to superli@xxxxxxx.net
 thanking u in advance.

 And if u can give me some more information about device
driver programing ,I will be very gland!