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Re: [bluetooth-dev] CVS server

On Mon, 18 Sep 2000, Gordon McNutt wrote:
> I have to admit that I'm a bit new to the open source development process,
> but it seems like we could all benefit if we had
> a) a central repository to merge in changes (CVS)

We just got our external CVS configured, so we'll start to put out the
stack on it ASAP now. Read-only access will be anonymous and we'll be able
to give write access to the developers who we know are working actively on
the stack (we cannot give anonymous write-access obviously :) After we've
got the Bluetooth stuff configured, I suggest those of you who would want
write-access to talk to Mattias about it (mattias@xxxxxxx. 

> b) some way to test these changes so we don't break people using different
> hardware, etc (stable/unstable revs like Linux?)

It's possible to freeze a tag in the CVS of course when we all feel "it
works" and then apply bugfixes to that tag as a "stable" branch while the
main tree keeps developing.

However real automated tests are probably out of scope currently, unless
someone figures out a regression test suite that could for example work
with the HCI emulation on a single PC without requiring BT HW for testing
the upper layers of the stack.