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RE: [bluetooth-dev] channel mode: asymmetric/symmetric

as of today we allow any packet type to be used by the baseband (see page 65 in core spec). The command to set it is  described on page  564 ("Change_Connection_Packet_Type")
and the corresponding function is found in hci.c ( change_connection_packet_type() ).
It is up to the BT-HW to choose the appropriate packet type if all types are allowed.

Mattias Ågren,
AXIS Communications AB

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> Sent: Tuesday, September 19, 2000 11:49 AM
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> Subject: [bluetooth-dev] channel mode: asymmetric/symmetric
> Hi,
> what kind of channel mode does the Axis stack use, when it connects to
> an other device ? Symmetric or asymmetric ? Where is it set 
> up ? It did
> not realy find a hint even in the BT specifiaction. It must be done
> somewhere in LMP or L2CAP, but where. Can anybody give me the page in
> the spec and the location in the axis stack?
> Thanks
> Matthias